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We Understand Cars & Customers

At Shine On we understand our customers' unique preferences and requirements. This means stocking a wide variety of products to suit different budgets, preferences, and job types. Whether customers are looking for high-quality products or more budget-friendly options, we at Shine On have something to suit everyone.


Providing excellent customer service is what we strive for. Without the support of our customers there wouldn't be a Shine On. We are available to answer any questions or concerns that customers may have, and providing support throughout the purchasing process. By understanding our customers and providing a wide range of quality products and exceptional service, we are considered the go-to destination for personal/businesses needs and their lifestyles. 

auto car care supplies

About Us

People with a passion for automobiles, service & relationships


We deliver quality products, meet deadlines, and provides excellent customer service.


Committed to creating value for our customers. We strive to differentiate ourselves from our  competitors and establish a reputation for being customer-centric.


Committed to customer satisfaction and meeting customer needs. By ensuring that our products or services are readily available and accessible to our customers.

auto car care supplies

A One-Stop Shop 

Providing a wide range of products that cater to all aspects of car care. This includes offering a wide selection of products, such as cleaning and detailing supplies, polishes, waxes, tire care products, and accessories.

Free shipping on all orders over $200

Tested & proven before any product lands on our shelves, it's thoroughly tested

Customer service available 24/7

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