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AERO SHIELD BLACK DIAMOND Graphene-Infused Quick Detailer

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AERO SHIELD BLACK DIAMOND Graphene-Infused Quick Detailer

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Developed for those who want an enhanced appearance, strong protectant, and a lot of gloss in as few steps as possible. 

BLACK DIAMOND DETAILER is a graphene-infused quick detailer designed for all coated and non-coated hard surfaces. 

This glossy, color-enhancing, ultra-hydrophobic top coat can easily remove smudges, water droplets, dust, and other light contaminants on any hard surface. 

With a simple spray and wipe application, AERO BLACK DIAMOND GRAPHENE INFUSED QUICK DETAILER can be used in almost any weather condition. 

      *Easy to use                    *Removes smudges                    *Anti-Static

      *Ultra-hydrophobic        *Weather protectant                  *Easy to clean

      *Enhances colors            *Adds gloss                                 *Stain resistant 

      *UV blocking                   *Extends life of sealants            *Dirt repelling


For best results, shake well before use. Use in moderate temperatures, away from direct sunlight. Always test in an inconspicuous area before proceeding.  A hydraulic application can be used.